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What We Do

CravenIT is a leading B2B advisory firm dedicated to identifying the unique needs & developing strategic solutions that empower businesses nationwide!

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead of the curve requires not just hard work, but also strategic partnerships. At CravenIT, we're more than just a leading B2B advisory firm; we're a catalyst for growth. We are passionate about identifying the unique needs of our clients and crafting bespoke solutions that empower them to thrive nationwide.

But we understand that true success often stems from collaboration. That's why we've meticulously curated a referral network program designed to connect our valued clients with exceptional professionals – like YOU! By leveraging our extensive industry network, we foster mutually beneficial relationships that unlock exponential growth for everyone involved.

Here's how it works...

Pre-Qualified Leads

We handle the initial legwork, connecting with businesses and establishing a strong client relationship. Once we understand their needs, we identify opportunities where your expertise can add value.

Warm Introductions

We introduce you to qualified leads who are genuinely interested in the services you offer. This eliminates the cold calling and prospecting, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Streamlined Process

We facilitate the initial introduction and appointment scheduling, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both you and the client. Increaing sales, ROI & and saving your team time.

Referral Partner Advantage

Expand Your Reach

A network of pre-qualified leads, significantly increasing your potential client base!

Streamline Your Sales

Potential clients who are genuinely interested, focus on closing deals not chasing leads!

Boost Your Credibility

Quality leads turn directly into to increased sales opportunities & revenue growth!

Grow Your Business

Valuable insights & detailed reports to track progress & measure success!

Become Part of Our Winning Team!

We're on the hunt for passionate and skilled professionals across various industries to join our referral network.


A leading expert in your field, with a proven track record of success.


Delighting clients is your top priority, just like it is for us.


You bring energy & enthusiasm to everything you do, it's natural.


You thrive in collaboration & building strong partnerships.

We take pride in connecting our clients with the best possible partners. That's why we have a selective application process. It ensures a perfect match – you, with your expertise, complementing the services we offer, resulting in a win-win for everyone involved.

Creating Solutions for businesses like yours to thrive in today's online world

From custom development to customer engagement solutions we offer a comprehensive suite of services to empower your success

Join the CravenIT Network!

If you're a results-oriented professional eager to expand your reach and collaborate with a successful consulting firm, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Let's discuss your expertise and explore how a partnership with CravenIT can elevate your business and empower you to make a significant impact on our clients' success stories.

Not everyone qualifies, but the potential rewards are significant. Contact us today and let's see if we're a perfect fit!

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The IT field has a lot of confusing verbiage, much like your doctor.
Most poeple come to us because they have a great idea
or a current problem they need resolved.

Unlike your doctor it shouldn't cost
an arm and leg to get results.
Let us take care of your technical life,
so you can take care of the important one.

Proven Results

We have a long history of helping businesses achieve success through innovative digital solutions.

Trusted Expertise

Our team of Solutions Engineers is passionate about technology and dedicated to exceeding client expectations.

Tailored Solutions

We create custom plans that address your specific business needs and goals.

Reliable Support

We offer ongoing support to ensure your technology and online presence continue to function flawlessly.

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What Clients Say

Have partnerned with them on several clients. I highly recommend & will defintely do business again!

Eugene Gursky

Owner | ITGenie

Fantastic attention to detail, outstanding communication & updates! Would highly recommend!

David Marvel

Founder | Marvel Insurance

Very professional & well experienced. I have worked with them for years, I couldn't ask for a better service!

Chris Williams

Founder | Koatic Worx

Consistently going above & beyond. Everything from project management, consistent updates, & always being available. Couldn’t ask for better!

Josh Heath

Founder | Loxley Health

Dedicated business striving to give their clients the best customized solutions and support. I am looking forward to working with them more in the future.

Ghaith Ballich

Med Tech | CVS Pharmacy

I'm so happy and pleased with the work! Very creative, detail oriented, and easy to work with. Thank you so much, grateful for all you did! Next level!

Amy Greco

Founder | Palms Up Sisters

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